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What Are The UK Tax Deadlines? (Sole Trader)

Before we begin, a quick note to say this only applies to those are self-employed. If you are an employee, or a director of a limited company, then you can find those deadlines here.

The main deadlines you need to focus on:

Register by 5 October 2020

Paper tax returns: midnight on 31 October 2020

Online tax returns: midnight on 31 January 2021

Pay the tax you owe: midnight on 31 January 2021

If you miss any of these, you will pay a penalty unless you have a reasonable excuse.

How do you file your taxes?

This can be done online or in paper form. Please leave plenty of time before the deadline, especially if completing your return via mail, as mailing times vary. If this is your first year filing, please allow up to 20 business days to register, so aim to get this done well in advance of the deadline.

The tax year runs from April 6th – April 5th, and included must be a record of all of you income and expenses. Remember to keep a record of your receipts and bank statements for the year in case you need to submit any proof.

** If your business has been affected by COVID-19, you may be eligible for a self-employed grant. **

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