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How Do I Apply For An Innovate UK Grant?

Innovate Part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). It supports innovation through providing grants, loans and procurements to innovative businesses across the UK.

There are many different opportunities within their portal, which you can find out more about here.

Before you start:

Make sure you fully understand the eligibility requirements and scope of the grant or loan. Each opportunity is different and if you do not meet the criteria you would end up wasting your time.

As late submissions are not considered, make sure you leave plenty of time before the submission deadline.

Ensure your previous projects are complete. If you have already recieved a grant from them for something else, make sure it is finished, and also make sure you put the effort in! They check these things, and will not reward you again if they cannot see that you’ve made any progress.

Find an independent accountant that you can work with for a reasonable rate. You’ll need to submit an independent accountants report (IAR) with your final claim, so it is good to have these things set up beforehand.

The application:

A simple outline that you’ll find on the Innovate UK website suggests your application be professional, full of content, clear innovation, and different from any other application. Please note, you cannot submit more than twice, so put the effort in the first time.

You can apply one of two ways:
1. Online application through Innovation Funding Service

2. Document-based file transfer protocol (FTP) application process

If you are in the UK, you’ll most likely be applying through Innovation Funding.

Innovation Funding Service Step-By-Step
1. Create an account on their online portal.

2. Ensure you fill out each step of the process as required

3. Be prepared to collaborate with others, many of the grants will be looking for more than one collaborator.

– There are different eligibility requirements depending on the competition.

– The companies working on the same project will be broken down into lead applicants (lead on the activity, and responsible for all the paperwork) and partner organisations (invited to join by lead, must provide the finance details for their section).

4. Ensure you are file by the deadline – these are usually quarterly submissions.

FTP funding Step-By-Step

1. Some of the competitions do not have the Innovation Funding Services– particularly international ones – in which case you must use the FTP Funding.

2. Make sure you register to apply online using the link on the competition guidance page. Registration closes at midday one week before submission deadline.

3. Once you have received an email back with your details, sign in to the site (the link will be provided in the email as well)

4. If you want to apply to more than one opportunity, email their support at

Once you have submitted:

First, you wait. Once they have made a decision, they will let you know, whether you have been successful or not. They also provide you with a full explanation of why you haven’t been successful if that is the case.

Each application is assessed by up to 5 independent assessors. They will all have to sign confidentiality agreements before looking through your application.

Please note, the decision is always final, there is no right to appeal.

If you need help with submitting your Innovate UK Grant application, let us know! We are happy to help. Book a call with us here to speak to an expert about your specific situation.